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Complete Kit Calm® device for a dental unit. It includes the bracket, the receiver, two transmitters (one for children and one for adults), two ergonomic rubber covers, two sets of screws, an Allen wrench and user manual. All batteries are includedFree worldwide shipping

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Kit Calm® is an electronic device conceived for reducing anxiety and improving communication in dentistry.

It consists of a portable wireless receiver, installed in the dental unit, which emits a luminous and acoustic signal when your patient presses his control.

The simple fact of having something in your hands is already reassuring, and the ergonomic shape and touch of the buttons of Kit Calm® are designed for it.

When you give the button to your patient, you give him the “feeling of control of the situation”, knowing that with just pressing it they will be able to communicate with you..

Its use is very intuitive, does not require long explanations. With adults you establish better communication, with the children you establish play dynamics, and they forget their fears.

-Kit Calm® key factors:

  •      Technological innovation 100% oriented to patients´well-being (and clearly perceptible by them).
  •      Better patient’s experience during treatment, which leads to more trust.
  •     Improves communication, and so faster treatments.
  •     It is an obvious differential factor. 

Extra function: Easily pick up the receptor from the bracket and take it with you when you leave your patient alone in the office for any reason. With Kit Calm® your patient will never feel alone or unattended and will know that he can communicate unequivocally with you.

Technical specifications
Receiver battery voltage  ≤5V
Transmitter work voltage ≤12
power consumption transmitter <10mW
Sound volume 25-110 dB
Frequency of work 433MHZ
Wireless distance  200m

Diameter max. and min. support column

43-63 mm
Washable ergonomic controls  Waterproff

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