In this section we show just a few of the many practical cases in which Kit Calm helps.

In this section we show just a few of the many practical cases in which Kit Calm helps.

Communication in Surgeries.

In some surgeries the patient is almost covered, or completely covered, but conscious. Kit Calm® provides the patient the possibility to communicate if necessary. Once again the simplicity and intuitive use of the device plays in favor of the patient, the surgeon and the treatment. Many of our clients tell us that they already consider Kit Cam® “essential” in long-term surgeries.

Pediatric Dentistry

Kit Calm® is an absolute success with children .Some studies show that 85% of dental phobias are caused by bad experiences during our childhood / adolescence at the dentist. We are not born with fear of the dentist. Numerous dentists tell us that they establish play dynamics with children such as: “Let’s see if we can not get the cricket to sing” or “We have to wait as long as possible to sing”, or “Let’s see if we only hear the cricket at the end of the all “or” here there is no problem, we have a wonderful cricket, that lets us know when you want to talk “. So the treatments are faster and fun.


Sometimes we leave the cabinet for a few minutes or seconds, for whatever reason. Maybe we leave the patient with a whitening or perhaps to attend to an emergency. Removing Kit Calm® receiver from the support and taking it with us, the patient will never have more feeling of abandonment or loneliness, since he will know that by pressing the button we will go immediately.

First visit protocol

The first visit is the key to gain the confidence of the patient, show our concern for him and get him to opt for our clinic to sign his treatment. “There is no second chance for a good first visit.” The introduction of Kit Calm in the protocol of first visit. It directly influences the recurrence of patients and the subsequent signing of the treatment.

Patients with special needs

Pediatric dentists, by definition, are responsible for the care of special children, and general dentists pay attention to the majority of people with disabilities and chronic diseases. In many of these cases, Kit Calm® has greatly improved the treatment, serving as an indispensable communication tool. Especially useful in cases of: Asthma, cerebral palsy, amputees and hemiplegics.

Mark sensitive areas

We all know how annoying a mouth cleaning can be. There are patients with very sensitive teeth or there are even many who are greatly bothered by some teeth and not others. Thanks to Kit Calm® the patient can “mark” with clarity the areas where the oral cleaning bothers him the most, making that in those areas we work in shorter intervals while in the less painful areas we can work with continuity.

Lifting the hand

There are many dentists who have told us that raising their hands, the patient has been wrong, and has hit the instruments, sometimes it is a small blow that scares the patient more than anything else, but at other times they are more powerful. With Kit Calm® this has not happened again. In addition, the agreed signal is an anachronistic instrument and although some dentists feel comfortable using it, most patients do not see it that way.

reflex reaction in endodontics

When doing endodontics, certain patients react when they feel pain with the reflex action of moving the head sharply. With Kit Calm® in hand, the reflex is to press it tightly. In addition, by delivering Kit Calm® we avoid forgetting to indicate to the patient how to react if he wants to communicate and we avoid these unpleasant situations.

Not to press

Testimonials from dentists tell us that some adult patients seem “indifferent” when they receive Kit Calm®. However, they also confirm that, to those same patients, asked if they liked the device, they answer “yes”. The success of Kit Calm® is that the patient feels more comfortable, whether he presses it or not, It makes no difference. Kit Calm® is an added value for your clinic, it’s like having a fantastic waiting room with designer armchairs and all kinds of comforts, most of patients are not going to congratulate us for it, and maybe they seem indifferent, but it is the sum of all these aspects that makes the difference.

Methacrylate supports

By placing custom Calm® Kit supports, at the clinic’s waiting room or counter, the effect of “patient service” is achieved, even before viewing the device in the cabinet during treatment. Also contributing to this service image are the other Kit Calm® announcing elements that we place in the clinic, such as advertisements on the clinic screens, cardboard supports or posters.

Pregnant women

Pregnant patients are often afraid of feeling nauseous and not being able to notify in time. With Kit Calm® we avoid this problem and you are quieter. Click here to see an article on the subject. (in spanish)

Frequency of use

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