¿Miedo al dentista?

People develop dental anxieties and phobias for many different reasons. However, when researchers interview patients, some issues arise, and one of the most common is: Sensation of loss of control.

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SEPA 2018 Sevilla

Kit Calm® was introduced at the SEPA 2018, a point of reference for the community of professionals from the world of periodontics, oral health, for patients and for the general population.

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Frequency of use of Kit Calm® in Dental Clinics.

Our innovative system of communication with the patient is installed in numerous dental clinics and we asked ourselves: what will be the frequency of use given to the device? In what interventions or with which patients will it be more useful? In this small study conducted in about 100 dental clinics we tell you how much, how and where Kit Calm® is used.

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