How can a patient communicate when he is covered in an oral surgery?

More than 80% of dentistry patients experience fear or stress during their visit to the dentist and studies show that the feeling of lack of control by the patient is one of the main causes.

With the aim of creating a device that improves communication during dental treatment, in 2017 we formed a team of people, all of them with more than 15 years of experience in their respective fields, and we created Kit Calm®.

The success of our device lies in 5 points:

  1. It is an obvious differential factor.
  2. Improves the patient’s experience
  3. Faster treatments.
  4. Very intuitive use.
  5. Special push button for children.

Kit Calm® is already in hundreds of clinics, in the largest distributors of dental equipment in Spain and also, given its effectiveness, it is the subject of different university studies.

They say that excellence is in the details and the percentage of people who are afraid of the dentist is very high. Do not hesitate, position your dental clinic as innovative and concerned about patients, by installing Calm® Kit in your dental units.

Team of Kit Calm Innovation Company.

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